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Mickey mouse Clubhouse:Part 2

If you want to do a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme and  it is an all boy crowd I would ditch anything Minnie mouse to start and keep the colour palette for the day to Mickey mouse colours: red and black with a small splash of yellow. If the guest of honour loves Donald duck (like my husband) remember to change everything so the focus is more on Donald. As always, you must always be flexible in planning!

For preschool boys I love the idea of a simple scavenger hunt. Print out cut outs of the characters from the computer, using a cricut or draw them yourself (you may want to laminate them for durability). Next I would create a large clubhouse out of a poster board. Then, Hide the characters around the venue with sticky tack (setting clear boundaries of course). Finally I would tell the kids that the show is about to start but the characters are everywhere and they need to help you find them before the show starts. As they race around you can give hints such as hot and cold, or could turn it into red light green light (so they have to freeze when you say red light). Once they have found a character they must bring it back to the “clubhouse” and re-stick the character there. Once all characters are found make sure you cheer for everyone and clap and dance to reward a job well done, then break out the popcorn and show the kids am episode of mickey mouse clubhouse because the gang is ready to go!

With preschool children it is important you stick to the basics because every child will be on a different level developmentally. Try pin the tail on Pluto for example.

I worked in a daycare last year and my kindergarteners loved doggy doggy where’s your bone…which for the purpose of the theme we will call Pluto Pluto where’s your bone?

To play: the children sit in a circle and one child sits in the middle and covers their eyes. A leader choices a child on the outside to hold the “bone” and once the bone is safely hidden in hands or lap the children say “Pluto Pluto where’s your bone? Someone took it from your home! Guess who? Maybe you! Maybe the monkeys from the zoo! Wake up Pluto! Where’s your bone?” the child in the middle then opens their eyes and has to guess who has the bone. Super simple. Super fun. The kids could play for hours!

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Mickey Mouse Club House: Part 1

Well I am officially a married woman and back from my honeymoon so it’s time to get back to writing. I want to talk about Mickey Mouse themes in three parts because this theme is so versatile. Part one is going to talk about a general gender-neutral way to incorporate Mickey Mouse into your next event, Part 2 will show ways you can focus the theme on boys and Part 3 will focus on girls. This theme is particularly fun for preschool kids! So Mousker Hey! Mousker Hi! Mouseker Hoe! Mousker Ready Mousker Set LETS GO!

Start at the top, absolutely put a sign on the front of the venue saying Mickey Mouse Club House, you can take the opportunity to dress the house up a little bit as well, but if this party is aiming at preschoolers, the sign is more than enough!

I do encourage a meal with this theme because what is better with this theme than “Hot Dog Hot Dog Hot Diggity Dog’s”!!! Kids will have a blast signing the song while they eat. Hot dogs also come in so many wonderful varieties so they can be quite healthy (and still delicious). Serve them with some veggies and dip and you have a nutritious meal that is budget friendly and completely fits the theme.

Next: This theme is so easy to work with game wise! You can encourage the children to dress up as their favourite character as well (I would probably be goofy myself!).

Name games work great with themes where there are large casts (so a simple superhero party, any TV show or movie, etc.).

Game Idea: Think Fast
Participants stand in a circle and choice a character name that they want to be (so I would be known as Goofy for the game). Once all players know the names of the other players, one person is chosen to be it and goes into the center of the circle. A leader calls out one of the character names and “it” must tag that person before they call another persons character name. So if Minnie was in the center, and the leader calls out goofy, Minnie has to tag goofy before goofy can say someone else. If goofy says Pluto before Goofy is tagged, Minnie must run and try to tag Pluto and so on. Generally you play that the people on the outside of the circle have to stay put, however you can turn it into a free-for-all tag game as well.

For preschool aged kids, I also recommend swamping out names and adapting games they would already know to meet the theme. Such as Mickey Mickey Mouse or Donald Donald Duck (Duck, Duck, Goose), What Time Is It Goofy? (What Time is It Mr. Wolf) or Minnie Says (Simon Says).

If the kids are slightly older, I would also arrange a challenge similar to the TV show, give them 3 items to solve the challenge and help them through it.  You could even YouTube one specific episode and build on that.

Whatever you do, keep it simple and don’t forget your “Oh tootles!”

Maternity: {L & T}

A friend of mine…thats really more like a sister than a friend as we completely grew up together…is about to have a beautiful baby boy in few weeks. I was truly honoured when she asked me to take some maternity pictures of her and to be honest completely relieved when I discovered she is also not a fan of naked baby belly shots. I’m really happy with the results. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

DIY Weddings:6 Things No One Told Me to Expect

I am about a week and half away from my own wedding and have learnt a few things in these last few weeks that no one ever warned me about. They seem like small things but still sent me for a bit of a curve ball.

1) People always ask you the same questions…in the same order…over the same time frame. When engaged be prepared to answer “Have you chosen a date” and be prepared to justify your answer! For example “Yes we chose June 16 because we started dating Feb 16, got engaged Oct 16 and June 16 was available. It just worked out!” (My True Story!). Next they ask…”Have you got you dress?” and yes they want you to describe it. Questions get wishy-washy for a while “What are your colours?” “What do the bridesmaid dresses look like?” “What is the venue like?”. Then the worst question comes. “Wow it’s so close! Are you excited?” Why is this question the worse? Because for the last few months or years you have been perusing wedding magazines, websites and stores to try to make your dream come true. You have been working hard to make sure all the details fall in place from phone calls and faxes to fittings and running from store to store. You are exhausted! Generally, you have been a full-time student or worker, you are nervous about the upcoming nuptials and you have A LOT to do! At this point no…you aren’t really excited. You are ready to be a wife and not a bride. After talking to several women who have gotten married within the last few years they all agree!

2) DIY doesn’t necessarily mean cheaper. Make sure you actually price things out and don’t waste your time making something that you could rent or buy pre-made, in the style you like, cheaper.

3) Don’t go to your final dress fitting alone. Apparently they need your mom or MoH there to show them how to tie up and bustle your dress. The lady actually yelled at me for showing up alone.

4)Time goes slow until your about a month and a half away. Time was crawling. A year and a half of engagement seemed like a lifetime. Once the 40 day mark hit….well I blinked and we are down to 10. Now I still have a lot to and time is almost here! Make sure you really budget your time especially near the end

5)People expect you to make the final decision on EVERYTHING!!! Not your fiance, your mom, or your MoH, all choices are up to you. Although this sounds like common sense, there are some areas where it is nice to let go of the reigns (it took a lot of convincing to my bridesmaids that they could pick out their own dresses…they still got the ones I wanted for example). Laying out your desires for the day isn’t enough. Be prepared for phone calls on fittings, flowers, decorations, hotel arrangements, bachelor(ette) parties, bridal showers etc. Everyone wants to make you happy and give you what you want. But making so many small choices can be very taxing (to me….it really doesn’t matter if the table runners are 9 & 3 or 12 & 6…..this is actually a question I was asked!). Some brides do care, and everyone needs to be extra careful to not offend you.

6) People won’t offer to help unless you ask. This has been really hard for me.  I am of the opinion that if people wanted to help they would offer. They don’t. Your friends and family need a lot of direction because as much as they want to be involved they don’t want to mess things up and cause you to be upset or disappointed. I am also pretty crafty most of my wedding has been things I have made myself (from invitations to centerpieces). Not everyone is crafty and although they want to help it is out of their comfort zone. Take it with a grain of salt. They will do the best they can. It is your wedding you have to put in the effort to get the wedding of YOUR dreams.

A sign that I made for the wedding, bad photo just taken from my phone though

Inspiration: Beer (or wine) Fest

Looking for a great way to host your next adult event? Regardless of whether you are planning a birthday party or a casual get together with friends this is a great (and super cheap and easy) event idea. A friend of a friend of mine does this annually and I have been meaning to host my own for a while.

Invite guests over for your event and issue them a challenge: They must choose a country and bring a beer/wine and an appetizer from that country! So you could bring Corona and nachos for example representing Mexico. Encourage guests to be creative as many liquor stores offer craft beers or fancy foreign wines. Once guests arrive, have small glasses (such as dixie cups or small plastic wine glasses) available so that everyone can try each others liquor. This way a 6 pack of beer can last more than 6 people!

Fantastic because you get to try new foods and drinks, mingle with friends and its cheap! Think of it as potluck with style! (Yes I was thinking of Buzz Lightyear when I wrote that…”That’s not flying its falling with style” haha)

Inspiration: Larger Than Life

This theme was inspired by a coworker of mine who wanted to use this theme for our summer training, we ended up changing our mind but as a bit of thought did go into it I thought it would be a good oppurtunity to write about it.

What is larger than life? It is things that aren’t normally human-sized and making them so. This theme is great for the young and old alike and similar to the carnival theme, would be great for a family reunion.

Invitations & Decorations: Just think of small every day items and make them big. Perhaps your invitations are the cut out of a Gigantic paperclip. It can be something simple just make it big, same with decorations.

Game Ideas

Real-Life Clue: Have different clues laid out in each room of the house and have the guests scurry around the house to figure out if it was Mr. Plum with the rope or Miss Scarlet with the candlestick. (Added flare: Dress up like the characters or change the theme…perhaps its Mr Smithers with the platonium rod and Homer Simpson with a donut?).

Human Bowling: Have the participants stand at one end like human pins. Get a big beach ball or plastic summer ball and have one participant roll the ball towards the “pins” if the ball touches the “pin” they are out.  The bowler has 2-3 turns to try and knock down all the “pins” (Twist: The pins can move around).

Human Fooseball: Tape lines on the ground (or use powder paint to draw them if you are outside), and tell the participants to play soccer however they cannot move from the line. You can also get poles for them to hold to keep them in the line.

Human Battleship: Hang a tarp in the middle of the playing field so participants cannot see the other team. Have participants lay down on their side linking arms to form ships (some ships of 3 some of 2 etc.). Flip a coin to see who goes first. Winner gets a wet sponge or water ball and throws it over the tarp. If they hit someone they must yell hit and get up and stand to the side. When the last player of that ship is hit they must yell “You sunk our battleship” and also stand to the side. The last team to have all their ships standing wins 🙂

Giant Jenga: Using blocks of wood you can create a life size giant jenga…beware…its very heavy in transportation

Human Snakes and Ladders: You can purchase mats that come with giant die or you can simply make your own.

Human Candy Land: Lay out coloured pieces of paper and have the participants draw cards and take the steps just like the board game.

Human Chess: Yup just like on Harry Potter!

Cheesy Photo Curtosy of Google Images…This is not a common theme and it is difficult to find good images. All the more reason to book me for a party like this!

These theme is tons of fun because you get to actually step into games that usually  just sit on a table top. It can be a great learning tool for kids and a lot of fun for kids and adults alike. Send me an e-mail if you are interested in incorportating this theme into your next big event!

Inspiration: Mario Party

Mario Party

  • For invitations use Mario Speedway All access passes rather than the standard card invitation. These can be made easily on a computer and clipped to a lanyard or can printed out as tickets.
  • Pinned Image


I really love the use of balloons as shown below. These balloons are all available at Party City (where I work part-time), and it would be super easy and cheap to draw the faces on it. I think this is a brilliant cost-effective decoration. Aside from the balloons, stick to primary colours for balloons, table clothes and dishes (all available at dollar stores or Party City). Use the computer to print out classic scene pictures in various sizes(such as the clouds, castle or the red plants that chop Mario up!). Hang bigger cut outs on the wall, front door etc. and use smaller ones on the food table.

Pinned Image Source Unknown: Pinterest


  • Play Capture the Flag but instead of using a flag print out 2 pictures of princess peach (1 for each team) and play Save Princess Peach. If the children are old enough you could really add a twist by also giving each team a couple of bonus ups to hide (i.e. a star to hide, when the other team finds it they get 10 seconds to be in the other teams zone without be tagged etc.)
  • Is there a ghost behind me? Have the children spread out around the room with their faces to various walls. Choose one child to be a ghost. When ready, have the ghost walk around and randomly stand behind the other participants for 3 seconds. If in that three seconds the child who is not the ghost says “Is there a ghost behind me?” the ghost answers yes you may live. However if the ghost stands behind a child and they do not ask if there is a ghost behind them, the ghost taps them on the shoulder and they too become a ghost. If a child asks if there is a ghost behind them and there isn’t one then they also become a ghost.
  • Print off pictures of coins and hide them around the venue have the children do a scavenger hunt for the coins
  • Rent a projector screen and have the kids actually play Mario party or Mario cart
  • Make a pinata with your child several days before by mixing flour and water and dipping strips of newspaper in it. Put the newspaper around a blown up and balloon and allow to harden. Once hardened pop the balloon and paint the newspaper. Yoshi’s egg would be a super simple theme appropriate way to paint it.


Keep in mind this outline isn’t very functional. It assumes you have a huge field or playground to play capture the flag in, while also assuming you have a hall or large basement to hook up a projector screen. I have varied plans posted for a reason. When you hire me to plan your next party I will customize it to the age of the guests, space, time, location, budget and wants. These are just a few ideas to help show what I can do and inspire you with the planning of your next party.